Scissor Lift Hire in Melbourne

Whether you need to reach the topmost shelves in your warehouse or you need assistance in loading the back of your trucks, scissor lift hire could be the answer. We provide both long and short term hire, ensuring that you have access to the equipment you need when you need it. If you require assistance in choosing the right sort of lift for your needs, please contact our expert team on 1300 425 438 – we’re more than happy to help!

Our Machine Range

10 Metre Rough Terrain Scissor

10 Metre Rough Terrain Scissor Lift

Need to work on rough terrain? No problem! This diesel 4WD model features foam filled tyres and self-leveling stabiliser legs for uneven ground. The extra wide platform also offers plenty of room.

10 mt Wide Deck Scissor

10 Metre Wide Deck Scissor Lift

Choose this lift when a lot of equipment is needed, as the extra wide platform will accommodate it with ease. It also offers the ability to be driven whilst fully extended and a heavy lifting capacity.

8m Wide Deck Scissor

8 Metre Wide Deck Scissor Lift

This scissor lift rental features an extra wide platform, ensuring that there’s plenty of room for equipment. It also has a heavy lifting capacity and is able to be driven whilst the lift is fully extended.

10m Standard Scissor Lift

10 Metre Standard Scissor Lift

Another two-man vertical platform that offers plenty of room for equipment and tools, this model is used in situations where extra height is required because it provides up to 12 metres working height.

8m Standard Scissor Lifts

8m Standard Scissor Lift

Our most popular general purpose scissor lift, this model has plenty of room for two people to move around plus accommodate their tools. It provides up to 10 metres working height and a slide out deck.

8m Narrow Scissor Lifts

8 Metre Narrow Scissor Lift

This narrow two-man vertical platform offers plenty of room for equipment and tools. It is able to fit through an 820mm doorway with ease and provides up to 10 metres working height.

Compact Scissor Lifts

Compact 2 Person Scissor Lift

This compact scissor lift for rent has plenty of room for two people, plus all of their tools and equipment. It provides up to 8 metres working height, can be driven whilst fully extended and is battery electric.

8m Vertical Scissor Lift

8 Metre Vertical Scissor Lift

This one-man vertical platform provides up to 8 metres working height and offers the ability to drive whilst fully extended. As it is battery electric and is fitted with non-marking tyres, it can be used indoors.

Why Hire Scissor Lifts in Melbourne, Australia?
  • We have over 20 years experience in scissor lift rental
  • Short term and long term contracts are available
  • Variety of models to choose from – narrow, wide, rough terrain, etc
  • Our technicians handle all maintenance and repairs
  • Competitive scissorlift hire rates and flexible finance options
  • Variety of fuel sources to choose from – diesel, electric and LPG
  • Scissor lift rentals are sourced from respected manufacturers
  • We offer premium scissor lift training courses
  • All models are extensively researched and carefully selected
Complete Range of Diesel Scissor Lifts & Electric Scissor Lifts Hire and Rental Plans

To ensure that the needs of our clients and their facilities are met, we have a wide range of scissor lifts for hire.

Short Term Hire

There are a variety of reasons why short term hire scissor lifts might be preferable, including a sudden influx of work, replacing broken down equipment and just starting out in the industry. Our contracts start at 1 day and, depending on availability, we can even provide lifts at short notice.

Long Term Hire

There are also a variety of reasons why long term hire might be preferable, including not wanting to worry about fleet maintenance, needing capital for other areas of the business and spreading out costs. Our long term contracts can extend as long as 5 years so you’re never left without a lift.