14 May 2018

Tips That Should Be Followed Before Operating Scissor Lifts

by Dave

The operator of scissor lifts requires some serious safety precautions and measurements. As with any type of aerial equipment, hazards and accidents can be present and occur at any time in the workplace. In the list below, we have outlined 5 of our top safety tips that have been specifically designed to prevent harm whilst operating one of these machines:

tips for scissor lift operation


Never overload the platform


One of the biggest and most common mistakes made whilst using this equipment is overloading the platform. Each lift (depending on the model and brand) has specifications that must be abided by in order to prevent accidents. Remember that the platform becomes unstable as it rises higher – should the weight undermine the base, disaster can strike.

Exercise extra caution when transferring materials

As much as we want to stick to strict timelines, there will be instances when adjustments should be made. No matter what height the platform has been elevated to, caution should be exercised when transferring objects to and from it. To prevent accidents, ensure that the base is sturdy, immobile and parked on stable ground.

Use safety equipment at all times

Safety equipment (such as lanyards) should always be worn by workers on the scissor lift for the whole time they’re in contact with the machine. Keep in mind that there are instances in which accidents can still occur, even when safety equipment is in use. Ensure that the safety equipment is being used correctly at all times and has not become entangled.

Never move the lift whilst the platform is elevated

Should you need to move the lift from one location to another – even if it’s just a few metres – you should always lower the platform first. Several accidents have occurred due to such negligence. It might add time onto the project, but saving time is not worth putting the safety of your workers and those around them at risk.

Stay inside the guardrails at all times

Guardrails are designed to protect workers from falling off the platform, so they should never go beyond these rails (particularly when the lift is elevated). Workers should also never stand on or climb the guardrails, as outside forces could cause them to lose their balance and fall. If you cannot reach the area you need to work on, reposition the machine.


Implementing these simple and important safety guidelines should not only be a must for any business that utilises scissor lifts, they should be enforced at all levels of the management tree. Many accidents can be prevented simply by employing a good quality machine, but also by exercising vigilance and having the initiative to employ these safety tips.