13 Oct 2020

Do I Need A License To Operate Scissor Lifts in Melbourne

by Dave

It should come as no surprise that working at height carries risks no matter what precautions you have taken. Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors and regardless of the size of your machine, it is important that you have first completed some specialised training and hold a valid license when it comes to operating scissor lifts in Melbourne.

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What are the risks?

Although these lifts provide a safe and reliable means of working at height, there are a number of hazards that operators must be aware of. Potential hazards could include:

  • Falling from height;
  • Being crushed as a result of the lift being raised or moved;
  • Electrocution from overhead powerlines; and
  • The machine tipping over or collapsing.

So what type of license do I need?

Before being allowed to operate scissor lifts in Melbourne, you will need to complete a training course with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). At its completion, you will be issued with an EWP (elevated work platform) Operator Ticket (or Yellow Card). This covers the operation of platforms under 11 metres in height.

A Yellow Card also covers you for the operation of self-propelled boom lifts, truck-mounted booms, trailer-mounted booms and vertical lifts. It is possible to only complete training for the scissor lift component, but be aware that these other types of machine will be removed from your license.

If you’re already experienced with the operation of these machines but don’t hold an official Yellow Card, one may be issued without the need to undertake training providing a registered training provider can confirm your knowledge. We also recommend regular refresher training to ensure that you’re on top of any changes or advancements.

What does training involve?

Training is generally completed in a single day, taking between 6 and 8 hours. It covers both theory and practical use in a number of areas, including:

  • Safety features;
  • Operating requirements;
  • Operational checks;
  • Safe use of mobile elevating work platforms (according to AS2550.10);
  • Set up, operation and shut down procedures; and
  • Emergency procedures.

The theory component involves answering questions and problem solving activities, whilst the practical component is designed to assess your competence in a range of work activities. Training can be completed on your worksite with your scissor lifts in Melbourne, or it can be completed in a purpose-built facility – whatever suits you best.

Similarly to a motor vehicle license, you need to be at least 16 years of age to apply for a training course. Although Yellow Cards generally aren’t issued to people under 18 years of age, restricted licenses are available. If you have any questions about our training courses, be sure to get in touch with our expert team on 1300 425 438.